Your Weaving Classes

Each week-long weaving class is designed for optimum learning for students of all weaving skill levels. Curriculum content includes lecture, discussion, informative handouts, careful study of woven examples, drafting practice on paper, and extensive sample weaving. All students are welcome, from those with no weaving experience to advanced weavers who want to fill in gaps and enhance weaving and designing skills. The weaving class fee of $595 is all-inclusive (instruction, materials, handouts, and the use of looms and other equipment).

Weaving I: Basic Weaving Techniques

Weaving I is designed for new, intermediate, and advanced beginners. Instruction covers everything a weaver should know about basic drafting and designing and successful warping and weaving. Warping demonstrations and hands-on practice emphasize how and why things work. Students also learn techniques for achieving smooth selvedges and an even beat. Lecture, handouts, and class assignments provide each student with a solid foundation in drafting, including thread-by-thread drafts and profile drafts. The basic weave structures are illustrated with extensive sample weaving.

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Weaving II: Beyond the Basics

Weaving II explores drafting and designing beyond the basic structures including those that require more than four shafts. In-depth instruction covers the use of units, blocks, and profile drafts so that students learn to create pattern in all block weaves. Pre-warped jack, dobby, and drawlooms provide sample weaving in lace weaves, two-tie unit weaves, multishaft overshot, beiderwand, double weave, diversified plain weave, taqueté, twills, damask, and more.

What our students say about their class . . .
My class at the Weavers’ School gave me the capacity to continue my own learning. Understanding thestructure brings clarity to what once seemed so vague and unpredictable. Thank you for your respectful attitude toward everyone present and your attention to the individual and varied needs of each person. You combined talented and skillful teaching with depth of knowledge about the topic. It was a perfect learning environment for me and I left with admiration and appreciation for all you do so well!
Naomi Robinson

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