weaving books, books on weaving techniques by Madelyn van der Hoogt
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weaving books, books on weaving techniques by Madelyn van der Hoogt

Weaving Books by Author/Editor Madelyn van der Hoogt

Books are available from the Eugene Textile Center, (541) 688-1565; info@eugenetextilecenter.com.

weaving books

Weaving Summer and Winter Plus

Summer & Winter Plus From The Best of Weaver’s Collection. Only $28.95

Over forty projects in summer and winter and other tied unit weaves! Learn to design with blocks, work with color, invent your own tied-unit weaves, and more. This book is unique in its comprehensive depth and remarkable clarity. From coverlets to rugs to table linens to delicate scarves, the projects are a joy to weave as well as providing a deep understanding of weave structure.


Madelyn van der Hoogt books

Overshot Is Hot

Overshot Is Hot! From The Best of Weaver’s Collection Only $28.95

Over forty articles and projects from twenty inspiring years of Weaver’s magazine and Prairie Wool Companion featuring overshot-the most versatile pattern weave of all. Projects range from table linens, to garments, to rugs, and more. Innovative use of color adds to the amazingly complex and infinitely variable patterns possible with overshot--you'll never run out of design ideas! Weave the projects in this book (over half are on four shafts) and you'll fall in love with overshot.


Madelyn van der Hoogt books

Complete Book of Drafting

The Complete Book of Drafting. Only $24.95

This book is more than a book on drafting, it is an encyclopedia of weave structures. Learn not only how to read and use drafts for weaving, but how to create your own drafts to design unique fabrics. From twills to block weaves to profile drafts to multiple layers, this book has it all in words that you can understand.

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Here's what others say about Madelyn's books:
"The Magic of Double Weave book is wonderful. There is so much information, so beautifully presented, it makes me want to try everything in it. Many thanks to you for all that you contribute to the weaving community."
Helen Jarvis
Author of Weaving a Traditional Coverlet

weaving books

Weavers Huck Lace Book

Huck Lace, From The Best of Weaver’s Collection. Only $28.95

Huck Lace is the first in a beautifully illustrated series of treasured articles and projects from Weaver’s magazine. In this book, more than forty projects by Weaver’s talented designers give complete instructions for weaving huck lace fabrics for towels, table linens, shawls, scarves, throws, clothing, and more.


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Thick n Thin from Best of Weavers Collection

Thick 'n Thin, From The Best of Weaver’s Collection. Only $28.95

This definitive work begins with basic tips for drafting and weaving unique structures that alternate very thick and very thin fibers in both warp and weft. A little-known structure called diversified plain weave is reworked, expanded, and extended to create fabrics that are drapable, sturdy, and richly textured -- on as few as two shafts. This innovative approach is applied to log cabin, summer and winter, crackle, overshot, double weave, and other familiar structures. More than thirty projects-ranging from rugs to fine silk scarves give complete and easy-to-follow instructions.


weaving books, handweaving book

Fabrics That Go Bump from Best of Weavers Collection

Fabrics That Go Bump, From The Best of Weaver’s Collection. Only $28.95

Weavers will love this intriguing collection of projects in fabrics that magically defy the flat plane to bend, pucker, bump, and furrow. Techniques include collapse, pleats, seersucker, waffle weaves, cord weaves, and honeycombs. A wide range of special finishing and fulling tips are featured. Even more valuable than the project details is the confidence this wealth of information gives readers to continue to explore this exciting subject. Fabrics That Go Bump gathers under a single cover more than thirty out-of-print articles from Weaver`s magazine and Prairie Wool Companion.


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Twills and Thrills

Twill Thrills, From The Best of Weaver’s Collection. Only $28.95

This book is a comprehensive study of twill -- new twills and old twills, plain twills and fancy twills, twills on four shafts and twills on more. Twill Thrills gives you everything you need to know to design and weave straight, point, broken, zigzag, and diamond twills, twill blocks, the new advancing twills, the new networked twills, and more. It includes thirty six dazzling projects with complete step-by-step directions.
(currently out of print; to be reprinted soon)


weaving books by Madelyn van der Hoogt

Magic of Double Weave

The Magic of Double Weave, From The Best of Weaver’s Collection. Only $28.95

With The Magic of Double Weave, you'll learn to design and weave two layers of cloth, stitch two layers together for backed or two-faced fabrics, connect two layers at one edge for a fabric double the width of the loom, create block designs by exchanging differently colored layers, and produce dimensional fabrics by stuffing pockets, embellishing surfaces, shredding layers, and more.


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