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Weaving Classes at The Weavers’ School

Registration Is Now Open For 2025 Classes

To register, go to the Register page and select a class.

All 2024 classes are full. If you’d like to be on a waiting list for one of them, contact Madelyn at mvdh@whidbey.net: (Weaving I: June 3-7, August 5-9, September 30-October 4; Weaving 2: June 10-14, August 12-16, October 7-11).


Note that the fee for a one-week class is $595; this includes all materials. A non-refundable $250 deposit is required with each registration.


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Learn Successful Techniques for Designing, Drafting, and Weaving Beautiful Fabrics

Classes at the Weavers’ School are designed to give students a thorough background in two major areas: 

  • All the steps involved in designing and planning: understanding and choosing appropriate weave structures, creating drafts for specific projects, understanding pattern weaves including block weaves and profile drafting, and adapting drafts for specific materials and goals.

  • The physical aspects of creating successful cloth: warping, weaving, and finishing, including how to achieve even tension, firm and even selvedges, and how to choose and use the right materials to produce the desired hand of a finished fabric.

Classes include lecture, discussion, an informative handout book, study of woven examples, drafting practice on paper, and extensive supervised sample weaving on 34 pre-warped looms (with Madelyn and Suzie ready to help). Class size is limited; instruction is highly individualized and responsive to the experience and interests of each student.

Weaver class Level 1 with Suzie

Weaving I (for complete beginners, advanced beginners, and all weavers needing help with warping): Includes an overview of designing and drafting basic weave structures with thorough instruction in good warping and weaving techniques. We warp a loom from start to finish in class, with each student practicing each step. Students also do extensive sample weaving on pre-warped looms.

Weaver class Level 2 with Suzie

Weaving II (for intermediate and advanced weavers): Covers weave structures in depth, from plain weave and twills to block weaves and profile drafting (for four shafts and more). For interested students, sample weaving and individual instruction includes the use of dobby and drawlooms.

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You'll learn and enjoy classes at The Weavers’ School "Thank you, thank you, thank you! I am so happy! I was reading the drafting book on the plane going back home from my class and I understand it! I feel like the gods of karma brought me to the Weavers’ School—what incredible luck for me!"
Alice Abarbanel


The Weavers’ School is located on beautiful Whidbey Island in Washington state. For more information, contact Madelyn van der Hoogt at (360)320-1491 or email her at  mvdh@whidbey.net.


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